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Dirty Dryer Vents

Check out this before pic of a dryer vent from an apartment complex that we recently cleaned. Thank goodness the property manager called us - this kind of buildup can be hazardous - dryer vents should be cleaned regularly AND thoroughly!

The Duct Cleaning Brush in Action!

Here is a short clip from a recent Duct Cleaning we did for the Village of Stirling. Our team was hard at work getting years of dirt and debris out of the duct work using our high-pressure air and motorized snake brush system.

Let's Get Your Ducts Cleaned

A small sample of what we found in Pam's dirty ducts.

A proper duct cleaning and regular preventative maintenance of your entire system will help to ensure the indoor air quality of your home, as well as prevent the build up of harmful mold, mildew and other bacteria. The average home should have the ductwork cleaned and inspected every 2-3 years, however this timeframe can vary if you live in a particularly dusty or dirty environment. With Southern Alberta being relatively dry and dusty with strong winds, it is recommended that you not wait longer than 3 years between duct cleanings to maintain a healthy home.

Lethbridge Duct Cleaning offers different Duct Cleaning and Furnace Service Maintenance packages which offers the best of both services - a thorough duct cleaning and accompanying furnace maintenance for one great price. The value and quality of work are unbeatable.

Call us today at 403.394.9460 to book your duct cleaning and know that you will be breathing easier indoors this winter.



"What a great company and great service. I highly recommend their company! If you need duct cleaning this is the company to call! Not only was the job done well but the technician gave me some advice and instruction on how to maintain and optimize the effectiveness of my furnace. Great job!" - T. Avila

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Dryer Vent Cleaning is a MUST!

Did You Know...

    • The level of air pollution inside of your home is 70% - 100% higher than outdoors due to household cleaners, cooking and everyday activity. Newer homes, especially those with weather stripping and storm doors - prevent ventilation and 'breathing', trapping air pollution inside.
    • Poor indoor air quality can have a direct effect on your health - especially for people who already suffer from respiratory illnesses such as asthma.
    • Brand new homes are no exception to dirty ducts! Sawdust, drywall, insulation and other building debris often get swept into the vents when building is complete - and not every home builder cleans the ducts before selling the house!

Top 3 Benefits

  1. Prevents mold and harmful bacteria from building up inside your ducts and circulating throughout your house.

  2. Contributes to overall indoor air quality in the home by removing dust and allergens.

  3. Reduces lingering odours, weak air flow and helps to evenly distribute heat to every room.